Online recipe sources for home canning

The recipe sites are listed by country. One of the great things about the Internet is that country restrictions don’t apply when it comes to access to great canning resources; they are available to all, wherever you are.

The recipe sites listed below are what most safe canners would consider to be reputable sites, developing recipes from a foundation of science-based research.



Mrs Wages

National Center for Home Food Preservation

Pennsylvania State

Pomona’s Pectin

USDA Complete Canning Guide 2015 (separate chapter PDF’s)

USDA Complete Canning Guide 2015. Merged PDF. You can read this on an iPad with a PDF reader or on home computer or print it out.

Utah State

Washington State PDF canning recipe books (small fee)

Washington State recipe brochures:

PDF EB1665 Let’s Preserve Jelly, Jam, Spreads
PDF PNW0172 Canning Vegetables
PDF PNW0183 Pickling Fish and Other Aquatic Foods for Home Use
PDF PNW0194 Canning Seafood
PDF PNW0199 Canning Fruits
PDF PNW0300 Canning Tomatoes and Tomato Products
PDF PNW0355 Pickling Vegetables
PDF PNW0361 Canning Meat, Poultry and Game
PDF PNW0395 Salsa Recipes for Canning
PDF PNW0421 Using and Caring for your Pressure Canner
PDF PNW0450  Home Canning Smoked Fish

(There are many other US University Extension sites which are reputable; we chose the ones at the time of compilation that had the best collection of recipes, and presented them in the most accessible ways.)


Ball Australia



Bernardin (English)

Bernardin (French)

Canadian Living


South Africa

Ball recipes

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